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Improving Fleet Dependability by Tailoring a Maintenance Routine that Fits Your Company’s Needs.
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Increasing Productivity by Servicing Fleet Vehicles During Company Meetings or Scheduled Downtime.
Reducing Lost Wages and Revenue Caused by Unexpected Breakdowns by Thoroughly Inspecting Each Vehicle We Service.


We're Fast
We don’t waste any time getting your vehicle back on the road, eliminating your downtime at the shop.
We're Clean
We work hard to keep your driveway, and the environment, clean.
We're Reliable
We only use the highest quality parts, to ensure the job is done right the first time.
We're Convenient
Count on us to reduce your company’s downtime, and make fleet maintenance pain-free so you can get back to doing what you do best.
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Our Services

Our trusted and skilled mobile mechanics in Tampa will help diagnose your car issues and get you back on the road in no time.
Preventative Maintenance
We all hate surprises when it comes to our cars. As long as it has gas, its usually good to go. Its easy to forget that they require maintenance to keep them running. That’s why every service includes a courtesy inspection, fluid and tire pressure adjustment. We do our best to prevent break downs, and work quickly to fix them when they do happen.
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Oil & Filter Changes
Getting an oil change is usually always an inconvenience, and because of that, its easy to put off. However, if it is not done frequently, the oil can turn to sludge and ruin the engine. We can make vehicle maintenance simple by coming to you, on your schedule.
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Wiper Blades
Florida is known as the sunshine state, but if you’ve lived here for a while, you’ll know that rain is common here. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a fresh set of wiper blades. We recommend replacing your wiper blades once a year with Rain-X, or twice a year with other brands.
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If you hear a squealing sound or feel a vibration from your brakes, it might be time to have them checked. We rely on our vehicles to get us where we need to go, safely. With regular brake inspections, we can ensure your safe on the road.
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During a tune up, we check your air filter and hoses, fuel filter and ignition components, and replace if necessary. Manufacturers recommend performing a tune up every 100,000 miles to keep your engine running smooth, prevent damage, and improve fuel economy.
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Cabin Air Filter Replacement
The cabin air filter removes pollen and dust from the HVAC system to keep the air you breath clean. Overtime, these filters get clogged with dust and leaves, causing an odor and decreased airflow. Replacing these once a year will keep your air healthy and fresh.
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Cooling System Repair
Is your vehicle overheating? Do you smell something sweet under the hood? You might have a coolant leak. Over time, water pumps, radiators and thermostats are subject to repeated hot and cold cycles, which causes the plastic components to become brittle. Not to worry, we can diagnose your cooling system and replace the components that are failing.
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Computer Diagnostics
Do you have a dash light coming on? Whether it’s a check engine light, ABS, air bag, TPMS, etc. We can help you find out what it means and replace the component that is causing it.
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Emergency Services
Breakdowns can be stressful. We recommend calling a tow truck in any potentially dangerous situation, however, we can help with fuel delivery, battery replacement, cooling system and electrical issues, if something ever does happen on the road.
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Pre-purchase inspections
We can help you take the guess work out of the car buying process. We can meet you at the car dealership or private seller to perform an inspection to know the condition of the vehicle and provide a written estimate to use as a negotiation tool. Never get stuck with underlying issues again!
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Fleet Services
At Dominick’s Mobile auto repair, we understand, Time is irreplaceable. A truck off the road is like leaving money on the table. Our goal is to contribute to the success of your business by working with your managers and dispatchers to eliminate workflow interruptions, servicing your vehicles during meeting hours or before they start their route. Our fleet oil change program tracks the mileage of each vehicle and creates a schedule to keep your vehicles up to date.
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About Us

WELCOME TO Dominick’s Mobile Auto Repair

We are a Tampa, Florida-based on-site mobile auto repair service that specializes in fleet vehicles.
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Experiencing Vehicle Trouble?

Whether we realize it or not, our vehicles play a vital role in our lives. Most of us rely on them to provide for our families, so its important to keep them maintained. Our ASE certified technicians are trained to inspect, diagnose and repair your vehicle, on your schedule. Making it easier for you to get things done. From oil changes and brakes to computer diagnostics, we can help keep life moving.

Vehicles can be unpredictable, but with Dominick’s Mobile Auto Repair, they don’t have to be.

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